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Home Grown Hops

Farmed in Fresno, California, in 2017 we planted green growing plants and we’re pretty excited to bring them to local brewers. After our hops have been harvested, they go through a content analysis before they are stored in our onsite forced air cold storage facility. To protect the alpha and beta resins, we have pre-cooling at our harvest sites and refrigerated transport.

We Are Golden State Hops

We’re third generation farmers and our passion for high-quality hops starts in the field. Central California is one of the largest agricultural regions in the world; that’s why there is no better place to grow California hops.

Our commercially run operation allows us to grow hops that are consistent in color, aroma, and quality. Founded by the Parnagian family in 2016, we offer a large selection of fresh, dried and pellet hops for craft beer and home brewing. Want to see for yourself? We’ll show you how it’s done.


When it comes to craft beer and home brewing, we’ve got the best hops the Golden State has to offer.

2018 Hops for Sale

Our 2018 harvest is now available for pre-sale! We will have fresh, dried and pellet hops available mid-July. Contact Grant Parnagian at to pre-order your 2018 hops for your home brewing or craft beer.

We recently invested in all-new equipment, including the harvester, pelletizer and vacuum sealer. We keep our pelletizer and vacuum sealer onsite and work with a local dryer to finish out the rest before it is stored.

Contact Grant for more information on how buy hops for your craft beer or home brewing.

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